Liberalists in the UK

Liberalists are liberal activists. Liberalists, in the UK, are a coming-together of centrists ranging from centre-left (Social Liberal) to centre-right (Classical Liberal). We share seven main philosophical principles, as follows:


A constitutional democracy is the best way for a free citizenry to maintain a state and resist tyranny.

Individual Rights

Protecting the rights of the individual must be the highest value of society, to foster mutual tolerance and respect towards the cultivation of the dignity of every person.

Economic Freedom

Property rights that begin with personal self-ownership and private property create the most productive societies.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of expression is a necessary and fundamental pillar of a free society.

Blind Justice

Each individual should be governed by the same laws as their peers without arbitrary discrimination and be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a fair trial.


People possess agency and should be treated as such because treating people like victims becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Everybody is free to practice their religion, or not, as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others.


To read more detail about these principles and how they apply to day to day life, as well as political policy, click here.

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