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Linda Bellos And Why Context Matters

By Rose of Dawn Feminist Campaigner Linda Bellos faces a private prosecution after a gender radical was upset by something she said. But the context of what she said is important.    

Me And My Californian Friend: The Results Of Two Educational Environments

By Ben Brown I’m a psychology graduate and I enjoyed my course at university. Fortunately, I never encountered any social-justice narratives in the teaching of my course. My lecturers were all lovely, humble, and entertained the discussions and ideas I sprung on them during their lectures. Discussions would sometimes end with them saying “I’ve never

A Closer Look At A Media Hatchet Job

By Haryan Gláeddyv A close look at the current media attitude to Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad, after he joined UKIP along with other prominent social commentators.

Goldsmiths and Gulags: Do LGBT Students Support Communist Labour Camps?

By Rose of Dawn Goldsmiths’ LGBTQ+ Society caused controversy when they told an intersex advocate she should be sent to a gulag – then doubled down on why the Soviet labour camps were compassionate when called out. This is a symptom of a larger problem brewing not just at Goldsmiths, but in student politics as

Disaffiliate Now – Part 2: Motions To Dismiss

By Alison Ordnung “Assuming most students share your view of the world would be a bit out of touch, don’t you think?” Richard Brooks, NUS Vice President for Union Development In part one, the democratic deficit of the NUS was detailed, showing how students have little to no say in the people representing them or

Of Block Bots And Bannings: Turning Twitter Into A Safe Space

By Rose of Dawn Too many people online are turning their online presence into a Safe Space; but is this a good thing? And what happens when your self-made echochamber just isn’t enough?  

Context Matters

By Anna Ellis Of all the heartbreaking things that can happen to you, the worst has to be the loss of a child. The needless death of a young lad, hit by a car as he was riding his bike, tore the heart out of those who knew and loved him. Friends, family, neighbours. Shopkeepers


By Ed Pond A poem about the destruction of art throughout history, in response to the demolition and removals of Confederacy memorials in the US by SJWs, and calls to repeat this with UK memorials such as Nelson’s Column.

Disaffiliate Now: A Liberalist take on the failure of the NUS – Part 1: Feudal Feuding

By Alison Ordnung Britain First has a well-earned terrible reputation. They achieved around 2 million likes and concurrent influence on social media, despite promoting racist, censorious, authoritarian and blanket anti-muslim policies. Before their Facebook page was banned, how did they achieve 2 million shows of support? One documented tactic was promoting very popular issues under

“We’re All Fascists Now”: An Account of London’s Latest Anti-Trump Demonstrations

By William Hall I’m starting to dislike the term ‘progressive’. What are we progressing towards, exactly? An end to slavery? Hey, don’t worry, we abolished that evil practice back in the 19th century. Perhaps we’re striving for women’s equality under the law? Oops, the suffragettes handled that back in 1920s. I know- gay rights! Surely here

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