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Articles 11 & 13 - European Union "Link Tax" and "Meme Ban"

If Britain leaves the EU in March, this legislation should not be incorporated into UK law. However, because what we share online can be seen in Europe, there is certain to be knock-on effects. Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms will be forced to change the way they handle content uploaded and published by you as a result of this legislation, and much of the content that you can now share will be automatically blocked if this EU legislation passes.

The Liberalist International Association held a rally in Brussels on January 26th. Further protests may be staged in future, depending on the progress of Articles 11 & 13.

Online Forums Bill 2017-19

Private Members’ Bill (under the Ten Minute Rule).

“A Bill to make administrators and moderators of certain online forums responsible for content published on those forums; to require such administrators and moderators to remove certain content; to require platforms to publish information about such forums; and for connected purposes.” –

Liberalists UK strongly oppose passage of this bill. The legislation seeks to end private online forums with over a thousand members, requiring membership lists to be made public. This would impact all forums where private discussions about delicate matters – personal issues, medical conditions etc – take place. The legislation is an extreme and emotional response to a rare problem, and while we recognise that there is the potential for bad advice and bad actors to push strange or stupid ideas, this legislation is the equivalent of a lump hammer to kill a mosquito. It is badly formed, extraordinarily poorly thought through, and should not be allowed to pass.

We encourage everyone to contact their MP and insist that they reject the passage of this bill.

MPs' Free Speech Position

Following the Count Dankula conviction for being “Grossly Offensive”, Liberalists have been writing to MPs to establish their position on free speech in Britain.

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